Happy is the one whose hope is in the Lord. (Psalm 146:5)
We place our hope not in external things and circumstances, which are always changing, but in God’s love, which we have been assured through the crucified and resurrected Jesus will endure forever.


He heals the brokenhearted and binds up our wounds. (Psalm 147:3)
Jesus healed all manner of illnesses when he walked the earth. Today, we believe the Holy Spirit is still at work healing our broken spirits and wounded souls. This healing occurs through consistent participation in worship, Christian education, service and the fellowship of the church.


Come to me all you who are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28)
We believe that the church is not ours; it is God’s. Consequently, hospitality is a way of life for us. We in the church have accepted God’s gracious invitation to be a part of God’s family. Our natural response to that open-hearted invitation is to extend this graciousness to all who enter and to those in need beyond the church’s walls.


We are glad that you have found our website. Christ and Grace Episcopal Church in Petersburg, Virginia, is an increasingly vibrant parish who seeks and welcomes new families and individuals who seek God's love. We are well established but strive to act like a church that is newly formed as our members bring new ideas for ministry within and beyond the walls of the church. The Outreach Garden is a good example of our continual efforts to explore new avenues to reach out to our local and extended communities who face many challenges.

We are diverse in our theological and social positions but find that being together in worship, fellowship and service is more important than strict uniformity in the belief and practice of our faith. We pray and strive to let Jesus be our guide as we seek to love God and our neighbors as ourselves.

Our Mission is simply stated: We offer hope, healing, and hospitality to everyone we encounter. It is our desire that you engage in and experience these aspirations as well. We hope you will join us at Christ and Grace. When you do, you will find, as we do, that the presence of the Lord is in this place.

Our Vision

Our doors and hearts will be open to all. We will provide a variety of worship and study opportunities for people of all ages to encounter the living God. We will be agents of positive change throughout the larger community.