Celtic Candlelight and Communion Service


The Celtic Evensong and Communion Service, scheduled for one Sunday a month at 5:30 p.m., is a candlelight service intended to provide a peaceful and sacred space for experiencing the presence of God. Celtic melodies – played on harp, flute, cello, piano and guitar – float gently through the church. The liturgy offers a healing and hopeful message.

This service is our gift to the community. It is for everyone -- people from all denominations and those with no affiliation. We hope through this service that Christ & Grace can become a second church home for those who are already members of other churches. We also hope it will become a haven for those who have struggled with their faith and their relationship to the institutional church.

The Celtic Candlelight and Communion Service begins with pre-service music at 5:15 p.m. A reception follows the service. Casual dress is encouraged. For more information: 804-733-7202


March 15, 2020
Featured Musician: Melissa Adams, piano

April 16, 2020
Featured Musician: Louise Daniel, harp

May 17, 2020
Featured Musician: Matthew Little, clarinet and keyboard

A Celtic Approach to Christianity

Christians in the Celtic-speaking areas of Britain, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales developed some traditions differing from other parts of the church until the 7th century. Unfortunately, little of how they actually practiced their faith has survived. Over the centuries since then, many people have sought to re-envision ‘Celtic’ approaches to prayer and worship.

One of the most active centers of this revival movement has been the Iona Community, founded in 1938, as an ecumenical monastic community, destination for pilgrimages, and originator of liturgical and devotional resources. It is from the Iona Community’s publications that the liturgy of our Celtic Service is derived.

The Iona Community’s approach to worship is characterized by participatory worship, inclusive language, and using inherited traditions to speak in new ways to today’s world. Their approach, as ours at Christ and Grace, seeks to deepen our awareness of, appreciation for, and relationship with God in Christ, all peoples, and the created world.