posted by Jill Donnelly on 2021-03-10

Our service of Holy Communion is live-streamed each Sunday at 10 AM on our YouTube channel. If you would like to receive communion on Sundays, you may come to the church from 11 AM -12 PM, after the service, and Rev. Robin will bring it out to your car. Please email Robin at rteasley@christandgrace.org to let her know you plan to come by for communion and she will consecrate it for you that morning. Please email before 8 PM Saturday evening. If you would like an outside home visit, contact Robin and she will bring communion to you on Sunday after 1 PM.


posted by Jill Donnelly on 2021-03-10

Lent in a Bag Devotional Kits Contain activities for all ages, individuals and families to keep Lent at home. Available for pickup. Contact the church office to request delivery as needed. Compline for Lent Wednesdays in Lent after 6 pm on our YouTube Channel, beginning Feb. 24 Palm Sunday Live streamed at 10 am on March 28 Maundy Thursday Service Prerecorded for availability any time on April 1 Good Friday Service Prerecorded for availability any time on April 2 Easter Day Live streamed at 10 am on April 3 Holy Communion is available following all Sunday services, and on Ash Wednesday and the Wednesday of Holy Week. Contact Robin+ or the church office if you would like to come by the church to receive communion.


posted by Jill Donnelly on 2021-03-10

Join us each Wednesday evening for a service of Compline. It's available on our YouTube channel https://bit.ly/3kVvNR5 each Wednesday from 6pm onward. The Order of Compline can be found in the Book of Common Prayer on page 127. This is an ancient prayer, believed to have originated in about the 6th Century in monasteries. The monks would say this at the end of each day, bringing the day to a close in beauty, peace, thanksgiving, and hope.


posted by Jill Donnelly on 2019-04-18

Visit our website at christandgrace.org and go to “Give” at the top of the page for our online giving options. You can also text a gift to 804-294-2214 listing the donation amount as your message, and then you will receive a link to complete your donation. Payments can also be set up electronically with the "Bill Pay" option through your financial institution. These options are secure, fast and easy to use. For more information or assistance, contact the church office at 733-7202.


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Your contribution statement can be viewed anytime by logging in to the online directory on this website. Across the top of this page, find "About Us" and click on the down arrow. Then go to online directory, and input the password which you can receive by calling or emailing the church office. Once in the directory, find "manage my family profile" at the bottom of the page. Here you can view your own "giving history" by setting up your password so that only you can see your information.


posted by Jill Donnelly on 2018-09-21

Did you receive your emailed invitation to the online directory? By accepting the invite, you can create a personal password to manage your family's profile. To find the directory on this website, go to "About Us" across the top of this page and click on the down arrow. Here you will find the online directory. The information is password protected, so call or email the church office for the password. Update your family profile and view your giving history anytime. See photos of parishioners and get an address or phone number when needed.


posted by Jill Donnelly on 2018-09-21

The church office is currently open on Wednesdays 10 am - 3 pm and Fridays 9 am - 12 pm. Should you need assistance please call the church office at 733-7202 or email to churchoffice@christandgrace.org. Thank you.