Memorial Garden


The Christ and Grace Memorial Garden was created as a burial place for parishioners and their families. The garden is also intended as a meditative place of tranquility, peace and natural beauty.

The late Tracy Morgan designed the space for the interment of ashes, and the garden was consecrated on Easter Day in 1995.

The Memorial Garden provides two options for burial:

1) Ashes may be buried without containment in the raised area at the rear of the garden. A name plate is then attached to a large plaque on the wall. The cost for this option is $300.

2) Ashes for one or two persons may be buried with or without containment in a designated border site with an individual stone marker and two name plaques. The cost per site is $1,000. The church will provide a burial urn for an additional cost.

These fees provide for all interment expenses, including perpetual care. Parishioners have the option of prepayment with the privilege of burial site selection. A standard contract is available through the Memorial Garden Committee and may be executed at any time.

The cost of cremation is not included and should be arranged through a funeral home.

For more information, please contact the church office at 804.733.7202.