Youth Education


Welcome, we are so glad that you found us! The Episcopal Youth Community (EYC) at Christ and Grace is a youth group made up of middle school and high school students from throughout the Tri-Cities region. Our church is located in the Walnut Hill area of historic Petersburg, but our youth group members come from Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, Dinwiddie, Petersburg, Prince George, and beyond.

The EYC loves God, and believes in following Christ’s example of loving and serving each other and our communities. EYC members are leaders in our schools and actively support many different charitable organizations both inside and outside our local community (examples include the Boys Home of Virginia in Covington, Martha Merritt for the Homeless Food Pantry, Petersburg Ladies Home, Holy Cross Anglican School in Belize, among others).

We also believe in spiritual development. We meet weekly during the school year (before the 10:30 AM worship service) to ask questions, share our successes and concerns, and strengthen relationships with our peers, our families, and with God. We talk about real world issues and discuss how God’s word applies to our daily lives. We welcome everyone, understanding that we are all at different places in our faith journey. Sharing the journey with others makes all the difference!

While we take our faith seriously, we are fun loving and friendly, never passing up an opportunity to connect via Christmas socials, PASSPORT, mission camps/trips, and other fun events.

If you would like to check out our youth group community please contact the church office for more information.